Our doggy day care service in Las Vegas, NV is available for pet owners that want the benefit of having their pet cared for while they are at work or another prior commitment. Dogs in Z Pet Hotels’ doggy day care enjoy being able to play in our indoor play area all day long! Not only will they be taken care of by our caring and dog friendly staff, but they will also have the opportunity to make new friends!


Ultra Luxury for your Most Treasured Companion

Our standard rooms are still more luxurious that most other dog boarding standard rooms. With a comfortable and spacious room that will be perfect for them while they sleep or get ready for bed, our rooms at Z Pet Hotels are sure to be a hit with your pet. Our amenities will surely make your pet feel like they got the special Las Vegas treatment.

1-3 DOGs / 4' X4ft.

  • Elevated Dog Bed
  • Cozy Blanket


Luxury Suites

3 Guests / 160+ sq. ft.

  • Paris Suite, London Suite, Shanghai Suite, New York Suite, Tokyo Suite, Venice Suite
  • Human Queen Size Bed
  • Memory Foam Mattress
  • Silk Sheets

Las Vegas Villa

3 Guests / 160+ sq. ft.

  • Queen / King Memory Foam Bed
  • 42 inch TV
  • Large Private Play Area

Our dog boarding service is tailored with relaxation and luxury in mind. You won’t find a similar dog boarder in Las Vegas that pays as much attention to the level of comfort that your dog can experience when staying at Z Pet Hotels Las Vegas.

When your dog first steps into our facility, they will immediately be greeted by our dog-loving staff.

More importantly, the level of care that we provide is all inclusive! There are no hidden fees. Your dog get’s to enjoy unlimited play time, meet new friends, and relax in the best amenities at a highly-competitive and affordable rate.

You’ll know your dog had the best and most luxurious doggy day care and boarding experience when you take your dog back home and notice that they want to sleep after a activity and fun-filled day at Z Pet Hotels.

The Amenities

Our Standard Luxurious Amenities

On top of our already included luxurious amenities such as fresh doggy treats, bottled water, 24/7 vet access, indoor and outdoor play areas, soothing sounds throughout, your pet can also enjoy these amenities in their private quarters.

Our luxurious elevated memory foam beds were chosen with your dog’s needs in mind. Our DoggySnooze® beds are orthopedic and comfortable since they have a head rest for them to curl up with.

Our Celebrity-Grade Luxurious Amenities

All of our beds are custom-made out of memory foam. Your dog will enjoy the large Queen or King sized beds that they can roll around comfortably.

All of our suites are themed with their own unique design. If humans can wear Prada and Loius Vuitton, why can’t our pets also enjoy our tastes?

All of our suites have in-room cameras so you can watch your pet when you miss them. Even from hundreds or thousands of miles away, you can feel like they are feet away.

When the lights go out for bedtime, your pet will be able to enjoy ambient mood lighting to help them rest peacefully.

With our average suite size being 160+ sq ft, you can rest assured that your dog will have plenty of room to play if they decide to have some after-hours fun.


Our guests have unlimited indoor and outdoor play time while staying at Z Pet Hotels

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